The Future of Online Movie Rental

Since 1999, movie fans have had the luxury of selecting movies for viewing from the comfort of their home computer and then receiving them at their door through the mail.
Online movie rental services allow users a huge selection and affordable prices as well as convenience. Perhaps the only drawback to these services has been the wait between returning movies and receiving the next ones in the queue.

It appears that those movie fans who prefer more immediate gratification may soon see the method of movie delivery begin shifting in their favor. Netflix announced early in 2007 on their website that they were beginning to phase in electronic delivery of movies to their subscribers. Switching service over to internet delivery exclusively will take a number of years as the online movie rental service has over 85,000 titles to its credit and the readiness of many consumers and the film industry is still a step behind. However, some current subscribers began seeing 1,000 titles available for immediate viewing in January 2007 with additional subscribers having the service added each week through the remainder of 2007.

In its infancy, the new Netflix “Watch Now” feature allows viewing of movies on personal computers/laptops that have a high speed connection and a Microsoft Windows operating system. However, the company reports that the future goal is to make their movies available on all internet connected screens; for instance on cell phones, iPods and computers with Apple OS.

The electronic delivery offered by Netflix offers some advantages over many download services as it is a real-time playback technology and allows viewers to begin viewing films as they are received versus waiting for the download to occur. Although meeting the demand for greater immediacy is a primary advantage to the Netflix “Watch Now” option, some convenience features will be welcomed by subscribers as well. After a 60 second browser applet installation, subscribers will even be able to pause and move forward within films using a simple position bar, giving viewers greater control.

Current subscribers to the Netflix online movie rental service have access to view up to 48 hours of films per month on the internet streaming service based on the plan in which they participate; the more films per month included in their plan, the more streamed movies they will be able to view. There is no additional charge for viewing streamed movies versus those delivered through the traditional mail method.

Obviously, this news offers current Netflix customers a great new option for getting movies delivered into their home. For those who aren’t current customers it certainly demonstrates that the future of online movie rental is firmly headed in the direction of electronic delivery.

A Brief Guide to Streaming Web Sites

A popular innovation on the net these days is that of streaming video. You can find a myriad of video streaming websites it is possible to explore. In it are videos of all kinds, on each subject imaginable. Most of the streaming videos out there are produced by companies. They use video clip to train employees, entice customers, give demonstrations to business associates and much more. Others are made by webmasters who want a method to drive traffic to their principal website and promote their product and/or service.

You can also find amateur videos, which individuals make for entertainment. And there are net cams, created to capture and stream live action. These kinds of cams could be puppy cams, day care cams, zoo cams, security and safety cams, and so forth. These types of streaming video cams enables you to market the sale of the puppies, encourage visitors to make the zoo, and permit parents to check in on their youngsters from any computer. So that as previously mentioned there are security cams, which can defend both interior and exterior of your home. There are many possibilities to think about with web cameras.

In order to display to the world your video clip or cam footage, you will need one of three things: your streaming video server, your streaming video host or a streaming video web site that enables members to upload their videos for public seeing. The correct option for you depends on how big is your web site and amount of traffic. Only the biggest sites will need their own video streaming server, that’s costly and requires professional installation and maintenance. Host vendors will host your streaming video clip on their server and place it on your web site, saving you the cost and effort of having your own server. It is a much much more affordable alternative.

Video streaming web sites like Ustream and Stickam offer you the totally free choice to host your video on their server and web site, all you have to do is send visitors to your page. Web sites like Hulu allow you to watch up to date clips and hdtv shows from big networks. YouTube is the biggest video sharing web site on the planet, and is also totally free for people to upload their videos. There are many stories about unpredicted clips from everyday people becoming Internet sensations. You can market your site by uploading movie to virtually all of the streaming sites for exposure.

Where to Find Online Media Streams

This short article is about the great opportunities of online media streaming. While all of us have been through the tradition of watching TV through cable or satellite, we are still not able to enjoy what we want to watch at that particular moment.

Until now there are many sites that provide free online media streaming, such as YouTube, Hulu, Google video, and many others. They provide a wide selection of movies, short films, television shows, and news but all in some type of audio and video format. Even if your a sports fanatic you go on ESPN’s website and they will also provide video clips of previously recorded sessions for you to catch up on.

Just picture sitting at home late night having nothing to do, why not hop on a site and watch a favorite show or a movie right at your fingertips. Some sites will have a full series of shows and full length movies for you to waste the night away and joy is that you can watch it at anytime of day. While some sites provide a sore eye view, you may have to pay a small fee to watch a high quality picture but it still has more benefits and paying a much higher price for cable and not having the choice of picking your own television show does seem old fashion.

Just to get you started on the steaming media wagon, click on the link below and prepare yourself for countless hours of enjoyment and relaxation.